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    This is a recent article from Internet Retailer about affiliate marketing. I am curious how may PPC affiliates have run into objections over using the merchants' trademarks in marketing efforts.

    We see no reason in preventing this type of behavior but clearly the issue is not so black and white among merchants. As far as we can tell it makes no difference if we are paying an affiliate or Google for a sale as the costs end up about equal.

    I can't even imagine what a pain in the a$$ it would be to monitor affiliate compliance.

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    This is my first post here...hi to all.

    This topic of affiliate ppc advertising is going to get hotter. In the article referred to above Hoge is quoted:

    "As long as affiliates’ keywords appear below ours, that’s a benefit to us,” Hoge said. “But we say that affiliates can’t outbid us for our key cost-per-click words. If they try to push us down in search results, we tell them not to.”

    Merchants benefit from affiliates bidding closely for keywords by limiting the position of competitors. This could not be achieved without the affiliate. Search engines benefit by achieving the maximum value for keywords within current market tolerances. The effect of this is like a maturing market, where we could just end up competing for market share.

    Perhaps the merchant would be better off aiming bids at the lower positions once they have affiliates using ppc promotions. Sounds crazy? Whats the cost of securing top two postions? Or top three?

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