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    Hi, Group. I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to learn how to earn a living online. I would appreciate any help and offers from all of you. Please post messages on what i can do to get started. I have some knowledge about computers and websites but know nothing aboutaffiliate marketing. Thanks for all your help. samwilson

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    Hi sam wilson,

    You can make a lot of money on affiliate marketing but, remember that in order to succeed you must always keep on reading, asking questions, learning and testing.

    If you spent some time here reading old post you will learn a lot. It might be a little hard at the beginning but, later you will find out it's not that difficult to make some money with affiliate marketing.

    So welcome to ABW and start learning, join SAS, CJ. and the trusted merchants on ABW and test, test, test.

    But remember this:
    You're never 100% home free on affiliate marketing, you have the parasites, the ad-blockers, the site copiers, the few merchants that like to mess with the cookies to save some money, the commission reversals so popular with some merchants, the lost checks if you don't use direct deposit, the merchants that never convert even a sale after 1000's of clicks, the competition, etc.

    If you're willing to put up the time to learn, then soon you will see the money start to will roll in, unless you quit before that first check arrive.


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    I am in this 1.5 years. I would say:

    1. Don't quit your day job yet - it will take a bit of time to develop your site and acquire skills.
    2. Don't expect other affiliates to hand over their secrets, best merchants, etc. - this is a very competitive area. If you hang around this site for a while, however, you will learn (slowly but surely) what the "pros" do. I think I now know what the "pros" do but I must admit I don't yet have the tech skills/hardware/software to DO what they do!
    3. Check out other well ranking affiliate sites in your area and see how they do business. They are easy to find - just do a search and find sites with affiliate links.
    4. Check webmaster forums - they will provide valuable tech info you need.
    5. If you wish to do this full time, diversify into different areas/programs. A great program can evaporate overnight!
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    Pretty much what they said....I too have been doing this for about 1.5 years and have made a shade over $1500. You do the math. I think part of the game is waitng...waiting and waitng for pages to get indexed whe you test something.

    I think that AM really has potential to be a money maker but as stated in the previous post there is a fair amout to learn about.

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