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    Just like any business, one must have the right mental attitude to ensure one's success. Here's an insightful and PRACTICAL link on dealing with the ups and downs of online business.

    Dealing with Webmaster Failure

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    I am not conceding defeat where my affiliate marketing plan is concerned [numbers simply don't add up, trying to find out why and what can be done] but I am looking at other options to offset site maintenance costs. My latest weblog entry talks to some of the issues I am facing...

    Wired Pages-- AOL Advertising...

    Your honest feedback is always welcome.
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    Thanks for article.

    I think one of the best recommendations is to simply LEARN from mistakes and to keep going.

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    This is true I think people either fail and give up, or fail and try again. Stay strong and always try again because you can do anything you put your mind to.

    Wonderful article-very inspirational!

    Best Wishes, Tiffany

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    Very inspirational!

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