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    Symantec suggests that this rise may indicate a shift toward attacks motivated by potential profits. This conclusion is bolstered by an increase in phishing scams and spyware designed to steal confidential information, the report states.

    Hmm and yeah Thats another reason why merchants should say no to Spyware and Adware!

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    Well, Symantec's own software blocks major affiliate network's cookies. Somehow, they don't see thier own software as an attack, oddly enough...

    This is a subject I never really have gotten answer on, but it seems to me that Spyware Blaster, Ad Aware, and others block cookies in IE and other browsers... BUT, I've never heard if it keeps affiliates from being credited with the referral or not. The programs do send the website's cookie to the restricted lists though.

    If you use the ad ware blocking programs, look in your preferences files in your browser and check and see if the networks are blocked! CJ, BFast, Link Synergy, etc...


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