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    Hi, I have a brand new website, with a domain name, and all the tools from Namo, paid for for one year,I find that i cannot keep 5 websites going, my vision and other disabilities prevent me from sitting here to many hours eah day.I want to donate the whole thing to anyone that is will to use some earnings for medical researh.the domain name is all the systems are set, except a few more search engines, it has googl and 4 other search programs, and needs some work on the home page,anyone interested plese Pm me, it's free,to the user, I can give you the user name, password, and phone nuber of the web hosting company, I already spoke to them and they agreed to let someone else have it, I am falling behind on my other sites, and this is soppsed to be one of the best programs, called Namo.Someone please use it, it's a shame to waste,I have plenty of merchants for the other sites, some have since dropped out, and i have to search each to delete, them and add the new ones.Or just give the money to the needy, like my wife and i used to do.

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    I want it, but at this late date it may already be gone. I cannot PM you for some reason. If its still available let me know.

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