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    Just got a spam that showed multiple addresses and I was on it twice - one was to an old email address with an isp I closed over five years ago.

    The spam list sellers must be laughing themselves silly every time one of these idiots buys a copy of their list.

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    Since the spammers need either an affiliate relationship or direct fees from merchants to monitizer their scummy business, what do they use as a job description on ebusiness cards. Like someone with AIDS or herpes they may hide their real job under a professional ruse like Direct Marketing agent. Sure hope those list brokers who account for 90% of all spamm have laws placed upon their activities that include huge fines and jail time.

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    9/6/2002-WASHINGTON (AP) -- A consumer group lobbying to outlaw unwanted spam e-mails sent by companies opened its campaign Wednesday with a new Web site but quickly had to fix a technical glitch that suggested visitors might unwittingly be added to the group's own e-mail list.

    The Telecommunications Research and Action Center said it never intended to send visitors unwanted e-mails and blamed the problem on an erroneous message created by the Web designer.

    "The guy that put it up didn't understand it real well," TRAC chairman Sam Simon said.

    Simon said the problem, which was brought to the group's attention by The Associated Press, was fixed quickly and that none of the visitors during the Web site's first day ever received unsolicited e-mails.

    How to can the spam
    Don't display your e-mail address in public
    Check privacy policy when submitting your address to a Web site
    Use two e-mail addresses
    Use a "unique" e-mail address
    Use an e-mail filter
    If you do get spam, report it to the FTC

    Source: FTC

    CNN NewsPass VIDEO
    Consumer groups are banding together to ask the Federal Trade Commission to take action on Internet spam. CNN's Elaine Quijano reports. (September 5)

    Play video

    • Consumer groups press U.S. to attack spam

    • Business 2.0: Spam I am

    • Business 2.0: Is it spam or is it e-mail direct marketing?

    "We never spammed anyone. And we never intended to add anyone to our database. We corrected it within moments of learning of the problem," he said.

    Only visitors who opt to receive the group's informational e-mails by checking a box on the Web page will be receive e-mails. Simon said.

    The Web site,, encourages Internet users to share their spam horror stories and add their names to a petition asking federal regulators to crack down on spam e-mailers.

    Before the error was fixed, an Internet user who visited the site but chose not to receive e-mail updates from TRAC was greeted with the message: "You are currently signed up for news and information."

    Forward junk e-mail to FTC
    TRAC and the other groups, Consumer Action and the National Consumers League, want the Federal Trade Commission to sue marketers that send spam without authentic return addresses or send e-mails to someone who has "opted-out" of receiving the messages.

    In a statement, the FTC said it is concerned about the proliferation of spam and plans to review the petition. The FTC has an e-mail address,, where Internet users can forward offensive junk e-mail. That address gets about 10,000 such e-mails a day, the FTC says.

    In March and April, the FTC shut down several Internet marketing operations that used deceptive spam. In one case, commission lawyers said the e-mails enticed victims into paying $11 million in hidden telephone charges.

    WebMaster Mike

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by
    they may hide their real job under a professional ruse like Direct Marketing agent.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Gee, DMA? Somehow that sounds familiar in a spam sense . . .

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