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    On the topic of Spam...which affiliates are really nothing more than fronts for spammers? How can you find out if a merchant sells its email list to spammers?

    I depend on repeat visitors, and do not want to send any of them to email hell, but I really don't know how to tell if the ink jet merchant I recommended is going to supplement their income by selling email addresses.

    Some companies are obvious. Most of the valueclick merchants are in the business of selling email lists.

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    On the subject of Merchant spammers:

    In my Linkshare mail inbox I keep getting spammed by "" I think the count is now up to 27 in the last two months. Funny thing is, I am not even a affiliate/partner for them.

    Yes, I have written and asked them to stop!

    Anyone else getting spammed inside their Linkshare or CJ mail system accounts?

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    Recently had an incident with the CJ system. But it was not through their internal system, but with my login addy. I recently changed the address back when I started getting more and more emails from merchants trying to get me to join their program.

    Well low and behold *someone* used that address plus one more to sign me up to Neil Durrant's newsletter! I was already a member, so I didn't do this myself. Neil checked and said it came through their onlline web form but couldn't track it down further. I contacted CJ help and their response was that our email addresses aren't available to merchants directly and it must have been when I was a merchant with them and the address was available to my affiliates. But I specifically told them that the address used to sign me up wasn't in effect when I had an affiliate program with them. Basically they just blew it off. What a crock. Bad enough to get spam, but for someone to be signing you up for newsletters! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]

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    And Todd at CJ will tell you that merchants can't see your e-mail and that they don't spam. CJ will also tell you they have nothing to do chance somebody guessed the e-mail I log into CJ with and signed it up. The box I use with CJ is bombarded constantly (although it seems to have tapered off a little in the past week or so).

    Now, on the original topic, it *can* be difficult to tell right away who is selling what. Since we have unlimited aliases, if there is something I would like to test, or sign up to, I use something specific to identify it. Just do

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