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    I have been getting spam from an Alex Marr(fake name) about a stupid top 100 website. Then I get it at my address(I hate saying addy, it is so gay). I have only used on this forum so I know this loser is going around sifting emails off the board to try to snucker idiots into wanting to be on his poor excuse for a business model website. Hey dude 1996 is calling and they want their website back!

    I dare Alex Marr(not real name of course) to acknowledge me but he has probably already gone on to another board to find emails for his top100 site.

    Whois Report:::::::::::::::

    896 E14 str
    Brooklyn, NY 11230


    Administrative Contact:
    Petr Golubev (PG286-IYD)

    brook 15
    fort lee, NJ 07055 US

    Technical Contact:
    Petr Golubev (PG286-IYD)

    brook 15
    fort lee, NJ 07055 US

    Billing Contact:
    Petr Golubev (PG286-IYD)

    brook 15
    fort lee, NJ 07055 US

    Record created on July 28, 2002
    Record last updated on August 26, 2002
    Record expires on July 28, 2003

    Domain Name Servers in listed order:

    I think I will program my fax machine to call his 1800 number and run up his long distance bill.


    Baby cover that bum!

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    I had the same email, but it was sent to my generic SpamCop account so I couldn't tell where it had come from.

    Меня зовут Динаму

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    I recall seeing this e-mail, but it was immediately deleted so I didn't see where it came from. I do recall seeing that url, however....

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    New York Moves to Can the Spam
    Sunday, September 29, 2002
    Full story:

    New York state has declared war against those annoying junk e-mails clogging up your Internet mailbox.

    Prosecutors, armed with millions of unsolicited e-mails, will go to court in Manhattan tomorrow in a case the state Attorney General's Office calls "a shot across the bow" of spammers - those firing off all that junk e-mail known as "spam."

    Oral arguments are scheduled to begin tomorrow in a case against Monsterhut, a Niagara Falls-based marketer run by principals Todd Pelow and Gary Hartl, accused last May of sending 500 million unsolicited e-mails on behalf of clients ranging from to The New York Times.

    If convicted, Monsterhut could face $400,000 in fines and be banned from operating in the state again.

    It would be the first time an e-mail generator has been busted in New York for spamming - a watershed case, said Assistant Attorney General Stephen Kline.. . .

    Brightmail, a spam-filtering service, said it blocked 5 million e-mail "attacks" last month, up from about 1 million a year ago. Thirty-five percent of the 2.3 billion e-mails Brightmail monitors a month is now spam.

    Be nice when this same NY DA and Attorney General goes up against the parasites and P2P file sharing thievery and child porn pushers using that private network software. That is their plan as they target who monitizes and enables the spammers and other abusers on consumer internet connections.

    WebMaster Mike

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