We all know Fred langa's newsletters are top notch on any subject he focuses on. Here's his latest on Spamm-BlackLists and cures.

A new generation of anti-spam tools is just around the corner. But until then, these spam blockers and handlers may be the next best thing.
By Fred Langa ...


Now I like my idea I've posted in a few places of having to place an eStamp costing one cent on all outgoing e-mails from legit hosting/ISP POP3 servers. All ISP accounts get 300-400 Free eStamps per month with the overage charged to their ISP account. Legit Bulk e-mailers have to purchase eStamps at a substancial reduced rate. Main deal eliminating all spamms is no POP3 mail server woulkd forward mail to our e-mail boxes without an eStamp. No more spamms.

One renoun group has come up with a solution that is FREE to ISP's and individuals. Darn..I could use those pennies...

"Habeas Sender Warranted EmailSM ("SWESM") is helping to eradicate the scourge of spam by creating and enforcing a system for individuals and companies to warrant that the email they are sending is not spam, and is, in fact, "the email you want"SM. Habeas SWE enables Habeas to enforce that warranty by suing spammers that try to label spam as Sender Warranted EmailSM, and by obtaining against them enforceable injunctions and judgements from the Courts through the use of trademark and copyright law."

This could work for you or me.

WebMaster Mike