I extended a ABW invite to David Berlind to come here and post or lurk as he is definitely a informed anti-spam editorial writer.

Whitelists: The weapon of choice against spam
By David Berlind ..December 5, 2002

Judging by my e-mail, many of you have been following my chronicles of the insidious nature of spam.... http://techupdate.zdnet.com/techupda...901002,00.html

Letter I sent him:
"I've read quite a few of your anti-spamm articles and forwarded some to four 7000 forum members at www.abestweb.com . This active forum consists of affiliate webmasters -affiliate networks and their merchants. You can bet a huge percentage hate spammers while the minority in this group do spam using Opt-out schemes. Our major raning battle which we have pushed into headline new is over the BHO parasitic adwarez programs that are stealing million of dollar in affiliate commissions from the merchants and small site owners.

We forced a meeting in NYC on Nov7th to make the networks publish and enforce and Ethics and fair Practices policy for BeFree -LinkShare -Commission Junction and other affiliate networks. All your monitizing of spamm and legit e-mails campaigns come from this group.

I invite you to join www.abestweb.com and share with us your views. Mine on this subject was simple:

Put in place a system where no e-mail gets delivered to any public POP3 server without an attached eStamp. All dialup and broadband accounts whould receive a free allotment of 500 eStamps a month. That covers the free e-mail sending need of 98% of the Internet users and eliminates free spamm from getting into their e-mail boxes. Those exceeding 500 e-mails sent would be charged 1 cent /email on their monthly ISP bill.

Those needing to send volumes of e-mails would purchase bulk eStamps like direct mail marketers and businesses. The moment you eliminate the word Free (all parasites Gator -Ezula-Morpheus-eBates -WhenU use a freebee or incnet offer to hook users) from the spammers ebiz plan you stop spammers dead in their tracks with no need for any filters. Their damn spamms dont get delivered period.

The ISP's would save millions/month and can pass on the savings to their customers in lowering net access fees. Surfers could start to read e-mails agian. Proceeds from eStamps ( less my small royality fee) would go privacy protection groups -schools -librarys or any tree hugging liberal project flavor of the month charity."

WebMaster Mike

"Vision without Action is a daydream .. Action without vision can be a nightmare"
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