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    A good article at with some details about spammers using trojan horses to send Spam via the PCs of unsuspecting victims.

    Basically, the trojan arrives much like any other spam, but with a link that install the trojan, which then starts spamming from your PC via a built-in SMTP server. This is a criminal offence in most countries, but it just goes to show how far spammers will go.

    The biggest risk is that your ISP might cancel your connection, and if you've got broadband this could leave you connectionless.

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    Is online advertising truly an evil profession? We know what advertising wanks did for the Telemarketing industry and the fax blasters. Now the spammers and the DMA are even at odds as the self policing and ethical e-mailing from list brokers has failed leaving pissed off consumers demanding prision terms and fines.

    What new frontier for the worms hiding uder the advertising rock?

    Spam Looms for Cell Phone Users, Experts Say
    Thu May 1, 2003 06:09 PM ET
    By Andy Sullivan
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Get-rich-quick schemes, explicit pornography, urgent appeals for help from Nigerian colonels. Coming soon to a cell phone near you?

    The bulk "spam" that now accounts for as much as three-quarters of all e-mail traffic could soon insinuate its way into movie theaters, subways, and anywhere else Americans take their cell phones, experts said at a forum on spam on Thursday.

    Text-messaging services on newer cell phones could enable spammers to reach a tempting new audience, conference panelists said.

    Federal law prohibits most telemarketers from dialing cell phones, but no such regulations prevent spammers from sending messages to addresses like Because many text services carry a per-message charge, costs to consumers could mount quickly.

    Text-messaging has yet to catch on widely in the United States, since carriers until recently had not agreed on an industry-wide standard. One out of five cell-phone customers now pay between $3 and $20 per month for the feature, but others may be reluctant to sign up if wireless spam becomes common, phone-company officials said.

    "It's going to be a problem for us," said Andrea Blander, corporate counsel for AT&T Wireless Services Inc.AWE.N

    Wireless spam is already a problem in Japan, where text messaging has been a popular feature of cell-phone service for years, said an official with NTT DoCoMo Inc.9437.T , the Japanese telecommunications giant.

    New anti-spam laws, customer education and filtering efforts have reduced the number of spams significantly over the past 18 months. But the company's 38 million customers still receive up to 30 wireless spam messages per day, said Jiro Murayama, manager of NTT's Washington office.

    "As data traffic over wireless networks continues to grow, so will spam," Murayama said.

    U.S. wireless carriers have set up their systems to discourage spam by blocking bulk messages and keeping their customer lists private, said Michael Altschul, general counsel at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, an industry lobbying group.

    "It is possible to send spam to wireless users, but if the systems work as intended, only one or two messages at a time will go through," he said.

    Technology entrepreneur Rodney Joffe said he received his first unwanted cell-phone pitch several years ago, but assumed that it was directed to someone else. When he received the same message a short time later, he filed suit under existing laws that regulate telemarketing and fax marketing.

    Having watched spam overwhelm the Internet's e-mail system, "I was determined not to allow it to become something that killed the benefits of cell phones," said Joffe, who currently heads CenterGate Research Group in Arizona.

    The unwanted messages stopped after he filed suit in May 2001, Joffe said, but have recently started showing up on his phone again.

    Moral of the story: Get the damn advertising mindset out of the affiliate arena. It has screwed up every vehicle for Eyes and ears it ever touched.

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    EarthLink Wins $16 Million Suit Against Spammer
    Thu May 8, 2003 12:58 PM ET
    SEATTLE (Reuters) - Amid rising consumer anger over unsolicited e-mail flooding into inboxes, a judge in New York granted Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. ELNK.O a $16.4 million judgment against a Buffalo, New York, spammer.
    The U.S. government and companies increasingly go on the offensive against spam; e-mail that touts everything from consumer financing and online pornography to instant college degrees and get-rich-quick schemes.

    U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash granted EarthLink monetary damages and ruled that Howard Carmack, also known as the 'Buffalo Spammer,' would be prevented from ever again illegally spamming any Internet user, regardless of the user's Web service provider.

    Carmack and his accomplices had used stolen credit cards, identity theft and banking fraud to create bogus e-mail accounts to send more than 825 million illegal spam e-mails since March 2002, the lawsuit said.

    'Obtaining a judgment against a spammer like Carmack benefits all Internet users, and the judge's decision today is a significant victory against spam,' Karen Cashion, assistant general counsel for EarthLink, said in a statement.

    America Online Inc. AOL.N , Microsoft Corp. MSFT.O and Yahoo! Inc. YHOO

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