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    I recently had a company ( that some people here run ) mass spam people using my name to advertise their product ( thus looking like my company was sending the mail and endorsing the product) It is a shame people can't be honest and not do this to other companies. The customers are the ones who lose, they never know what is from who when this happens I had to send a letter out to my customers and let them know I didn't send any bulk mails to anyone. ugh!

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    Scewing the spamming perps is no priority #1 with the major ISP's.

    "EarthLink Sues to Stop Alabama, Vancouver Spammers
    Wed August 27, 2003 02:46 PM ET
    By Andy Sullivan
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Internet provider EarthLink Inc. ELNK.O said it sued seeking to break two e-mail "spam" rings Wednesday, charging that operators in Alabama and British Columbia flooded its network with some 250 million unwanted commercial messages.

    As many as 100 individuals could be involved in the two schemes, which hide behind a veil of bogus Web sites and e-mail accounts bought with stolen credit-card numbers, the Atlanta-based ISP charged in its complaint.

    EarthLink filed suit in a U.S. court in Atlanta to compel telephone companies, Web domain sellers and other vendors to turn over information related to the two rings, which have cost the company some $5 million in employee time and wasted bandwidth, a company lawyer said.

    "We have some good clues and suspicions, but we're not able to definitively identify them," said Karen Cashion, EarthLink assistant general counsel.

    According to the complaint, one group sent offers for herbal Viagra, dating services, and do-it-yourself spam kits from hundreds of dial-up EarthLink accounts in and around Birmingham, Alabama. The group paid their bills with stolen credit-card and bank-account numbers and hid behind a web of false names, addresses and companies to hide their identities, the suit contended.

    In Vancouver, British Columbia, another group used stolen credit-card numbers to set up hundreds of EarthLink accounts as well, the complaint said. That team then attempted to trick Internet users into divulging credit-card numbers, account passwords and other sensitive personal information by posing as another Internet provider that had lost account information, the complaint said.

    Cashion said once it had identified them, EarthLink would sue those involved for damages, attorneys' fees and damage to its reputation, and would also seek to bar them from Internet use.

    "We want to put them out of business," she said.

    EarthLink won a $16.4 million judgment in May against a Buffalo, New York, man who sent some 825 million spam messages over a one-year period. Accused spammer Howard Carmack also faces criminal charges for identity theft and forgery."

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    I'm thrilled to see some of the big companies go after these friggin' jerks! It seems I go in daily and add additional words/phrases/sites to my spam filters, since new ones always seem to be getting through.

    I hate


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    Britain's Barclays Bank Warns of Email Scam
    Sat September 13, 2003 04:04 PM ET
    LONDON (Reuters) - U.K. bank Barclays Plc warned on Saturday of an email scam that tricks its online customers into revealing their confidential details.
    The bank said fraudsters had sent an email message falsely purporting to be from Barclays, which included a link to what appeared to be the bank's Web site.

    Customers were then prompted to enter their personal details, such as passwords and personal identification numbers (PINs), which could be used to withdraw cash or transfer funds to other accounts.

    "Barclays is in no way involved with this email and the Web site does not belong to us," a Barclays spokeswoman said. "We have now closed down five of the six Web sites and locked the sixth."

    She said around 400 people had contacted the bank to say they had received the email, which had not only been sent to Barclays' customers.

    Of these, eight said they had given out their personal details, and their accounts had now been locked. Barclays said it would cover any losses caused by the scam.

    The spokeswoman said the bank, which has 3.5 million online customers, did not send out emails requesting information and its security only required two letters from people's passwords when they logged on.

    Whilst the problem is being addressed, the bank said it would limit the payments customers could make online to 500 pounds ($796.9).

    "Hopefully the limit will only be there for a couple of days," the spokeswoman said.

    Britain's National Hi-Tech Unit, which tackles cyber crime, has been called in to investigate the scam. Last year the unit's head said 89 percent of U.K. businesses had been victimized by at least one incident of cyber crime.

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