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    Today, I became a 'Spammer'

    I am the secretary of the neighborhood swimming club. There are fifteen members on the Board and, so, fifteen entries in my group e-mail listing. I routinely sent them notices of meeetings and special events.

    Anyway, I finished typing up the minutes to the last meeting and tried to e-mail a copy of the minutes to each Board Member. The e-mail was returned as spam. SPAM BLOCK 2: THIS E-MAIL WAS IDENTIFIED AS SPAM AND WAS NOT SENT.
    Tried to send the email four different times making different assumptions on what was offending the SPAM BLOCKER...

    Denied...four times.

    What ithe heck is a SPAM BLOCK 2 ? I've never run ito that before.

    So , I copied and pasted the message and the recipients to a different e-mail account and sent it. But received the same SPAM BLOCK 2.

    (Every e-mail went through by-the-way. Every Board Member got at least five identical e-mails from me.)

    So, I really am just a no-good low-down spammer. But the SYSTEM made me do it!


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    13 Must be my lucky number - that's how many emails I got from Kanoodle, a couple days ago...... guess I'm on their list.

    Not sure what the email was about, as I didn't bother to read any of them.

    Thank you KANOODLE, by the way, for ticking me off once again.

    Maybe they were just ticked off from that last email I sent em, suggesting that raising their minimum bid by 500% - from 1 cent to 5 cents - should imply that the quality of their traffic also increase by 500%.

    Strangely enough, that email went unanswered....

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