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    Spammers steal e-mail addresses from Orbitz
    Miami Herald, FL - Oct 29, 2003
    CHICAGO - Online travel agency Orbitz has notified law enforcement authorities
    about a recent security breach that has allowed spammers to have customers'

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    "Orbitz became aware Monday of the information leak, after being contacted by "less than 50" customers, Jouzaitis said. It has 18 million registered users, she said."

    Read: The 50 people who were technically aware enough to use a special email addres for their Orbitz subscription immediately knew our security hole was the source of the spammers database. The othe 18 million customers are gleefully unaware that the spam came from our security hole, so we're not too worried.

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    LOL ...if Orbitz, a major Ad Whore operation, gets their butts dragged into a spamm suit with multi-million $ fines due to Calif & 26 states banning & fining Opt-Out e-mail campaigns. The Opt-Out and customer database gets jacked by another spammer compromising it's resell value.

    Orbitz buys & sells e-mail lists and serves up Billions of popup Ads while playing the affiliate merchant game with BHO's and any tricks for clicks crowd.

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