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    Lawmaker: An E-Mail Tax Might Stop Spam Swamp
    AVN Online, United States - 6 hours ago
    WASHINGTON - You knew someone would think of it sooner or later, but one US Senator
    says lawmakers looking to stop spam from smothering computer users just

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    Only a U.S. Senator could have an idea that good.

    - Ed

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    The Senator is a little late and a little short on thought to take credit for this idea...from back in 2002

    I sent the idea to the FTC and US Postal Service last year.

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Sounds like the 5c/email fee Ecom/Webmaster Mike's been talking about for ages...

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    And it really is the worst idea ever and shows a complete misunderstanding of the Internet and email.

    I guess the next suggestion will be to start taxing instant messaging messages since those get spam as well? Maybe a penny a message? Hell lets tax phone calls per call. Maybe if you talk too loud in public, you will get taxed as well?



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