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    January 17th, 2005
    Recently we have been getting False Spam Complaints.

    We Never send spam. Period.

    We have the subscription time/date stamp of all subscribers available.

    We spent 3 years building our lists, and now we are at the mercy of "MORONS" who cant figure out how to unsubscribe from the list they subscribed to.

    I consider this fraud and defamation, possibly leading to financial loss for my company.

    It seems there is a presumption of guilt by any chicken little shouting "SPAM".

    Is anybody else having this problem?

    If so, what is the solution????



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    I recently had a problem where a spammer spoofed my email address (and a few others) when he was sending out his spam. I got back all the undeliverables at my email address, as well as receiving complaints from people on the list who actually received the emails.

    So it may not just be idiots on your own list that you have to worry about.

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    We've had the same problem. One ISP banned our emails from getting through - I calmly emailed them, forwarding the "subscribe request" from their user. They responded - removed us from their spam list and, surprisingly, apologized. I then emailed the user and let them know they had been permanatley unsubscribed for reporting our newsletter as spam.

    It's very frustrating. We're considering giving up on our newsletter. It's not been successful enough to put up with this kind of garbage.

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    I'm pretty leary of making a mailing list for that very reason. Too many times people subscribe but then later forget.

    If you have an un-subscribe on each of your emails, to me, that should be enough. I use them freely, with some exceptions. If I knew that ALL of those "unsubscribes" worked, I wouldn't have any problems with spam.

    Those SpamCop type companies must realize that plenty of people make false claims of spam. People just forget or their spouse or kids....

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    It *can* happen if you're mailing list gets caught in a spam filter and then reported along with all the other spam caught, generally only if the person reporting isn't paying attention.

    The problem is, words like "opt in" and "click here to unsubscribe" are actually picked up by spam filters and flag the message as spam, because a lot of spammers use the exact same phrase.

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    Only workable solution is to forget using the Telephone call centers, forget sending out e-mail advertisements, forget huge Flash Ads, forget glueing flyers to Mall parking lot windshields, forget popup BHO advertising as the consumers aren't putting up with that crapolla.

    I'd suggest working on a website that encourages a bookmark from visitors, becoming a nun or maybe devising a way to actually get a smile of satisfaction from a person who clicked on one of your links.

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    I agree with add a page and add bookmarks great idea

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    And we create sites people love so much, they want to be emailed when they are updated. But I guess when you have more than just the merchant's text that will happen.

    We keep logs of all signups, all are double opt-in. Varhan, do you use a double-opt in process? because if you do not, I consider you spam friendly as well. The only way to insure a true clean list is by double-opt in.

    Email can be a great, effective way to keep in touch with your site visitors. I do not have a list on every site, but on the sites I do, the traffic converts very well, they tend to be our most loyal visitors.

    Of course Mike and other people will say any mail list is spam and no user wants emails etc - but we have users email us if we miss a newsletter.


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    Maybe it is time to get out of the email advertising business? With what is coming down the pike right now in the way of punitive actions by governments, and others, coupled with new anti-SPAM tools - is it worth doing battle with these folks?

    Of course if you purchase your lists, and are sending out tens or thousands of emails, maybe that is something to fight for?

    If your lists aren't established with Chet's method, than I would regard you as a spammer anyway. So, is it time to give it up?


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