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    I have a mailer in CHINA using my domain server name as the return address to all of their spam mail. If you open the mail, they clearly are not sending from my site , however, I don't want my site name used to send spam mail. Funny thing is they have put all of my addresses on their mailings so I can see them as they happen!

    Does anyone know how to stop people in China or whereever they are from? UGH! Thanks!

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    Hmmm, I speak but don't read, but then, language is not your problem.

    You can stop people using your email servers, however you cannot stop them using their own servers and entering your email as the return address.

    You could try submitting the originating server to some of the spam databases, that might help.


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    You also can send a complaint to their registrar as well as the webmaster of the domain running their DNS servers. If there are any programs listed in their emails (like Paypal, Verisign, etc.), contact their spam abuse also.

    If they list an email address to respond to, write to their abuse address also.

    You'll be surprised at how easy it is to get them shut down....of course they may just open a new throwaway website and do the same thing again.

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