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    Love to have some feedback on the changes that go into effect 9/16 at Google regarding their Adwords program. They nicely explain the new program features, which involve bidding for placement positions based upon both clicks throughs and bid amt. Seems they transfer over existing balances and offer some kind of optomizer to eliminate excessive overbids for top positions.

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    Yes, I've used it and it's not too bad. They gave me $20 to transfer my old (empty) AdWords account.

    Prices are quite expensive though, I guess pretty much like Oversure's but the exposure is much better, plus you can limit the spending of particular campaigns so you don't get a hole burned in your pocket.

    It's much better than the old pay per impression model. - geeky stuff for umm geeks.

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    I'm liking Google AdWords. Just a tip i've mentioned before: In the space where it asks "url to display" they allow you to use 35 characters. Use all of them, this will make your ad bigger, 1/3 of the page. This has increased my click thru rates.

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    We use Google AdWords a lot and like it much better than Overture.

    Here are the 4 Main Reasons.

    New Ads go live fast. They go live first and will be reviewed later. That allows us to promoted new and short term merchant promotions fast.
    The Approval of Links at Overture may takes Days and the Merchant promotion is over before the links go live.

    Daily Spending Limits to control your Spending on Ads. We usually try ads first, with a low spending limit to test their performance. We increase the spending limit, if an ad is effective.

    No monthly minimum. There is no $20 spending minimum on Google. That helps at the beginning (first 1-2 months, when you just test).

    No upfront fees. Overture requires a balance. Google not. If a keyword suddenly performs very well and generates a lot of clickthroughs, no problem with Google. They charge your credit card at the end of the month. No risk, that your ads suddenly disappear, when your balance reaches $0.

    But Google has its drawbacks.

    They hate popups. If the target site opens a popup (even if its promotional, like a coupon), its very likely, that they deactivate your ad.

    You can not advertise everything.
    They do not even allow to advertise Site which sell Alcohol or Tobacco. Thats sad.

    Deactivation of Ads, if they do not meet their minimum clickthrough rate requirement.
    Thats ugly. Very ugly. Your Ad must generate 1 clickthrough per 1000 displays. It gets slowed down and then deactived if it does not. Sounds not to bad, but that 1 click per 1000 Impressions rule is not applied for a statistical period, like a day or so. It applies right away. Example.
    You have an Ad running, that generates usually 10 clicks for 1000 impressions (1%) and for any reason 1000 of your ad gets displayed and does not generate a single clickthrough, you are screwed. Sorry, that the last 1000 visitors matching your keywords were out of the ordinary.. shit happens.

    Overall, the benefits from Google AdWords outweigh the disadvantages. Its definitly a good additional way of advertising online.


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