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    I have been considering adding a pop-up to one of my higher traffic sites, and am wondering what people here think about pop-ups if used sparingly.

    I have two ideas, one is have a small pop-up on site entry highlighting a promotion of one of my merchants.. I would rotate that based on who I believe have the best promotion going.

    Secondly, I'd like to increase my email newsletter signups - which haven't been very good considering the amount of traffic I receive - so perhaps I'd do a pop-up for that. I'd only run one pop-up at a time so it would either be a promotion pop-up or an email newsletter signup pop-up...

    I'm not a fan of pop-unders, but personally don't mind one pop-up, thats why I am considering doing this... thoughts?

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    This is dangerous territory ... in my own experience having a popup for my newsletter increased the signup rate, but I also got negative feedback from site visitors. I couldn't tell if it was actually having a negative effect on sales, though.


    If you do decide to test popups, be sure to cookie them so visitors will only see the pop window once per visit, or maybe even a longer period.

    Make it clear with the design, colours, etc. that the popup window is part of YOUR site, not a third-party ad, and make sure whatever it says is 100% relevant to the page it's on. People don't seem to mind that as much.

    Be sure that the popup window is really, really fast loading. Serve everything in the popup from your own site; avoid using graphics or other items that are served from anywhere else. The DNS lookup for the browser to fetch something from another domain takes roughly two seconds (my source for that nugget is NetMechanic), and that delay is plenty of time for a surfer to close the popup without seeing what's on it. Fast content has a better chance to be read.

    As always, the bottom line is to test and see how things go. If you like the results, keep doing it; if it doesn't, try something else.

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    Thats just what I am afraid of - negative visitor responses!

    Have you tried anything else to try to increase newsletter sign-ups?

    Perhaps a different (ie: easier for the user) newsletter management program? I mentioned in a different post that I am using Topica, but have some reservations about how they poach them for their own newsletter.

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    I have one newsletter sign-up popup that I use on my main page. I will take the advice from Buckworks to cookie it so it does not keep popping up and annoying the user. The newsletter is getting a lot of sign-ups because of it... and I host the pop up on my server. - Great links to the world of High Tech.

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    You can find the code to cookie a pop-up at

    I use it on a handful of sites, and never received a complaint. I set the cookie at 30 days, but you can set the cookies at any length of time you prefer.

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    hate pop-ups, unders, uppers, one-times, cookieds, all of them.

    I know visitors do, too.

    I never use them in any of my sites.

    If you have really important, urgent message, you may used it, even than most people close it before it's loaded.

    They may be good converters, whatever, but clearly, they're annoyance a significant amount of users. And most of the times, they wouldn't care if you advertise third party or use it for self-promotion or message.

    On the topic, excessive advertising is really a bad thing for all internet marketing community, may soon backfire.


    open first page, they pop up and big ad, and on the page there is big banner, larger than 468x60 usually, then skyscrapers on the sides and so on. And this is a site filled with affiliate links. Enough is enough for God's sakes, I say... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]

    And then

    First and "intromercial" that is, before you reach the main page you're presented with a screenful of flash ad, and the main page, first they pop up an ad, and on the top a full big banner ad, then logo, then again a full banner ad. Going down the page big square ads, then large selection text "sponsor" ads, then more ads. About 80% of the page is ads, and I think this is insane. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif[/img]

    I'll soon start and ad against pop-up openers and excessive advertising publishers:

    I'll list them all, then list same content alternative sites, and tell visitors visit the ones without pop-ups and and with less-intrusive ads. Then, e-mail a few friends, within a week everyone will flood into these list!!

    Time to do a few good things, help clean up the 'net!

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