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    January 17th, 2005
    Been trying to order stuff from these w@nks but the whole system stinks. Have not been able to place my order despite several attempts. How do these lot stay in business? Have a go. Buy an acre of the moon and tell me how you get the f@@king thing sent. really pissed off as I need to buy my dad who has everything a Xmas present. Found a great one for my brother too. If only I could get the order processed.

    Andy Williams

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    I've noticed a BIG reorg in the Gadget Shop err shops. Less, stock, less staff. Company was bought up by a bloke called Chris Gorman in May, so I guess the business may be in turmoil.

    I Want One Of Those is a good place to buy, but not to promote because it doesn't seem to track at all.

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    If it helps, iwantoneofthose is selling the acre of moon stuff.

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    Ive purchased a few things from the gadgetshop with no worries, this was a while ago though - although I must admit the site design is a little iffy.

    Their affiliate program however is superb - great success in the run up to Christmas, however you do need to be careful with out of stocks. I.e I was promiting those nifty Micro Pets - One of the latest crazes for christmas - They have been out of stock for a while [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    Good thing though is that they validate all sales each Morning.

    Regarding - Ive found no problems with tracking, what was your experience?

    Matthew. - UK Affiliate Marketing

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