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    I have a client selling tangible products that is UK based (I am US based), is there a decent (inexpensive) cc processor that any of you have used and would recommend (or discourage), something on the lines of or


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    I tried to set up with, got through the first hurdles only to be told that my company was too new for standard terms and that instead they would retain ALL income for 8 weeks before releasing. Normal terms are 4 weeks which is still heavy. I declined, they kept a percentage of my application fee. UK banks are still backward for online credit cards processing. Your client really needs to get a merchant account from his bank if he wants to minimise problems.

    Paypal has really worked well for me but I do know others who have different views.

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    I am not positive if they offer service to UK residents or not but an old client of ours, Landmark Merchant Services seems to have a very comprehesive merchant account program. They provide allot of resources including an online register that allows you to take phone orders and process them through a web interface, as well as a custom 15-page web site with up to 100 items in your shopping cart. You might check them out. Good luck.

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    has anyone used this one in the uK, as we have been advised by cardnet to use it, it seems very cheap, so I was wondering if anyone had any new about them???

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