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    Nominet have always been a bit funny in the past in sending out a form to fill in (by hand) and a paper certificate for a UK domain name.

    Well, I just got two new letters through today, with no form and no certificate. "Fine" I thought. I couldn't see the point in the old system. On the new one, you type in a web address and then type your domain and a security code to complete registration.

    This is where is all goes wrong. Firstly, there's a popup screen that Google blocks. Then when you get the screen up it's MASSIVE and certainly doesn't fit in any resolution I can display on my PC, and it's only when you realise that you can double-click the title bar to resize that you can carry on. Then it tells you that you're missing key data, such as the registrant type (individual, business etc) and your email address and phone number. Which is odd, because the last two are with my registrar who is quite successful in getting them onto .com names and everything else. "OK", I think, so I go and add these details. After doing that you can submit all the changes.. but *then* it says that you've changed critical information which may change the legal status of the domain and offers a drop down box to explain why. Unfortunately, none of these boxes say "because you asked me to fill in the blanks" so you have to explain this in longhand. Then comes a bit of legalese with a reference to some scary looking T&Cs.. but if you click them, it's just a 404. Eventually you can struggle through and sign up for goodness knows what.. but is it registered? What happens now?

    Full marks to Nominet for replacing an archaic system with a new fangled one that just doesn't work. This is obviously the Network Rail approach to customer care.. the old system wasn't efficient, so let's create a new system so awful that people will leave us alone.

    Rant over. Sigh.

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    This was good for a chuckle.

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    I've recently been through EXCACTLY the same process,problems. I don't know if I'm registered now or not either, it's pants !!!

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