I'm Guido from Betonmarkets.com and would like to invite you to join our partner's programme.

We offer a genuine innovative product; fixed odds financial betting (digital bets; also referred to as exotic options) on the markets; namely betting on stocks, indices and foreign exchange and operate Betonmarkets.com, Betonmarkets.co.uk as well as Xodds.com. We also offer several innovative twists like clients being able to sell bets back to us before the final settlement date, ability to set triggers to close bets before the final expiry date, clients able to transact between each other (public orders) and so on...

We can offer prospective partners a one-time bounty commission plus a revenue commission for the whole lifetime of all clients referred to us. The bounty commission is not usually offered on our standard affiliate programme (due to abuse) and is only available by personal arrangement. If you already operate a profitable site or have a good mailing list of financial prospects then this could be the thing for you.

Anyone interested please contact me at guidofATregentmarketsDOTcom (remove the AT and DOT)

best regards,


OTCoptions.com (our latest launch)