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    I see some newspapers are warning that U.S. product prices are set to rocket due to an imminent europe/USA trade war. I didn't know there were any american products in the UK. I just saw tony blair on the news, he sounds quite worried about the anti-americanism in europe since the war.

    Huge protests are expected in the uk when the pres visits. He's less popular than hitler in europe at the moment, I think it may be a mistake for him to visit the uk at this time. Will any of you be going on the "unwelcome bush" march?

    What american products are there in the UK apart from the constant crap programs on the tv?

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    i don't want to get into a US-Europe row but bush put tariffs on steel imports to protect US steel jobs, unfortunately the higher prices for imported steel has resulted in more US jobs being lost in other sectors, oh well. anyway, the US tariffs have been judged illegal by the WTO and the EU can impose retalitory sanctions. the hit list covers $2.2bn of us imports to the EU including harley davidsons, citrus fruits and textiles. tariffs will be up to 100%. it's just politics, they'll choose a list of products from states where bush needs support in the election, then there'll be a deal.

    apart from crap tv, i can't think of many american-manufactured products that are big in europe. american brands yes, but they're hardly ever manufactured in the US are they? jeep is popular, but i drive a honda like all you americans do

    oh yeah, i forgot raisins.. they're from cali, and cabernet merlot, and 2Pac cds

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    I think a lot of the trade of manufactured goods is from Europe into the US, rather than the other way around. (A lot of stuff is *designed* in the US but manufactured in other countries).

    But this has been brewing for a while now and covers everything from steel to bananas (and we don't even grow bananas commercially in Europe).

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    The visit is going to be tough if you live or work in London. The Presidents advisers wanted us to shut down half the west end of London for the three days of his visit - something like 57th street to Madison square in New York. Then we are going to get every left / right / war / anti-war / globalisation / free trade freak marching around. The press here says most women distrust Bush (I assume that us guys do!).

    The majority of us want a strong UK / America relationship. Much fewer support Bush as President, I think he frightens people especially on war / economics / global warming / human rights.

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    It is explained here.

    and here
    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>

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    Just noticed the CJ comment in your sig. How very, very true. Came as quite a shock to me when I returned to CJ after a few years doing other stuff.

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