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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi Everyone

    Just a quick thanks to Haiko for inviting us and an introduction.

    My name is Malcolm Cowley and I look after our affiliates at We are a UK specific network at the moment and have been around for quite a while now.

    We have lots of exciting programs such as Egg credit cards , RAC , Britannia Music and DVD , Lloyds current account , Sky and Thorntons to name a handfull

    We try to concentrate on programs which we believe will make us and our affiliates lots of money as we dont charge management fees , so the bulk of the income for us is from our network cut.

    I am an affiliate myself in the UK so we try to run our network to be very much affiliate focused so any help or advice you need my door is always open.

    It is possible to make significant money in the UK now as many more people are coming online and more and more retailers are realising that affiliates should be an intergral part of their overall online strategy. I know many affiliates who top 5 figures a month in profit and this is on the rise so its a good time for a forum like this.

    If you would like to take a look at our current retailer list

    Other than that if anyone has any questions about the marketplace or specifically our network then drop me a line or reply to this post.

    Nice to be here

    Kind Regards


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    Hi Malcolm,

    I've not really looked at your program before (mainly I work with CJ, Befree, DGM2 and Affiliate Window).

    A couple of questions.. firstly, about the signup process. It looks like you have to sign up for each merchant.. is this correct?

    Secondly, what sort of availablility is there for deeplinks and datafeeds? I know many ABWers love datafeeds

    There's some merchants there that I'm definitely intested in

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    January 18th, 2005

    No you dont have to sign up to each program in essence. You sign up to one and then you can join each in much the same way as CJ you click on the join button for that merchant when your logged into your management area.

    We have loads of datafeeds as we like them to so you can pick them up from your management area for the programs which have them such as MFI , + splash dvd and more just take a look when you have joined the program and if it is currently available then it will be there to grab.

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