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    Saw this today when I logged in:

    Preamble to Addendum
    TradeDoubler’s Affiliate Agreement provides a set of Terms and Conditions under which all publishers must comply. This agreement enables TradeDoubler to act against any activity which is deemed to be unacceptable to our clients and our network of publishers. This Affiliate Agreement needs to be adapted in line with the dynamic nature of the online environment.

    In specific relation to adware companies, (advertising supported software) TradeDoubler has investigated all information available which alleges to contravene this Affiliate Agreement. Having reviewed in detail the possible methods of earning commission which these adware publishers engage in, we have refined our Affiliate Agreement and added an Addendum for adware companies to ensure an environment of fair competition is extended to all parties.

    In addition, within one month TradeDoubler will have modified its tracking solution to make it impossible for an adware provider to overwrite a publisher cookie within 24 hours of the initial click from the specific publisher website.

    TradeDoubler reserves the right to update its policy as technology updates and new methods of traffic generation emerge. TradeDoubler will continue to analyse its data to ensure that the policy is up to date.

    The following addendum specifically relates to adware companies and forms part of the Affiliate Agreement which already covers our position on fraudulent traffic as seen below.

    "Artificial Traffic" - is a collective term for invalid Clicks, Leads and Transactions, which may originate (for example and without limitation) from automatic openings, spiders, robots, requests in e-mail or chat rooms, script generators, placing links on other websites than informed and Clicks which are not generated by a browser, Clicks which are not preceded by an active act of a Visitor who wants to reach a certain website.

    The Publisher must not in any way generate or contribute to generating Artificial Traffic to Linked Websites.

    Addendum to the affiliate agreement:
    TradeDoubler will not allow the first cookie to be overwritten for 24 hours where the second click has been activated by a user clicking on an advertising unit served by an adware publisher.
    No publisher may alter or interfere with a TradeDoubler tracker link to the detriment of another publisher.
    A tracker link must only be activated via a click as defined by a deliberate action on behalf of the user to visit a clearly advertised website.
    Adware publishers are not allowed to use a TradeDoubler tracker link as a trigger for serving advertising units to a user.
    Publishers are not allowed to deliver an ad unit over a TradeDoubler client’s website if the advertising unit links to that specific client.
    In order to comply with this Addendum adware publishers must provide the following information to TradeDoubler;

    A privacy policy that complies with EU directive 2002/58/EC.
    An outline explaining the process of how the company increases its user base. Should the adware publisher bundle their software with other applications they must prove that they do so clearly with explicit instructions to the user on how to install and uninstall the software.
    Evidence that they serve branded advertising units (i.e. the sender of the advertising is clearly marked).

    Publishers should report any abuse of this Addendum by contacting TradeDoubler by email to,

    This Addendum comes into immediate effect as from today, Wednesday 19th May 2004. TradeDoubler allows its publishers one month to ensure that they comply with this addendum.

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    Thanks for that post Paul.. TD's relationship with the likes of 180 Solutions was always a thorny problem for many affiliates, and I know there have been concerted campaigns to get affiliates to switch to other networks.

    It's a bit wishy-washy, but it shows improvement. However, I must say that by TD links don't convert all that well in any case, so I tend to use alternative UK networks when I can.
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    My take is it addresses every issue argued here at ABW for 2 years regarding muzzling the BHO theftware affiliates. Only thing left out is automatic removal from the commission pool if your S/W gets tagged by Ad-Aware or SpyBot S&D. Wish they'd xerox this Ad-ware addendium and post it at Cj -BF and LS tomorrow as it also whacks the hidden cookie stuffers, the SE auto-redirecters and e-mailer cookie overwrites.

    No physical click =no commission =no BS.
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    And Adaware and Spybot flag and tag (and block) tracking cookies. Using them as a determination is something I would strongly disagree with.

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    The Addendum, falls well short of the minimal requirements to protect affiliates. If you follow the thread on that particular forum. You'll see just a few of the points outlining the reasons why and therefore is nowhere near a comprehensive policy to protect affiliates AND merchants.

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