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Great News!

Did you know there is now a company in the UK offering FREE Broadband Internet access worldwide? Yes, it's available worldwide. Most of us would greatly benefit from this since broadband access is still pretty much expensive for most of us.

What they're offering is 4 times faster than broadband and 40 times faster than dial-up however, the best thing is it's totally FREE and available via any telephone line worldwide.

But if I'm not mistaken, this is a limited
first-come-first-serve offer only. Once the slot is full, they will start charging. So you better register now if you are interested. Registration is FREE.

What's the deal?

There are over 300 million people on the Internet and probably 99% of them would use JUICE if they knew it existed. Just as an example, in the UK, there are:

* 12 million Internet homes.
* 79% of UK homes are using dialup.
* 18% of UK homes are using broadband.
* How many of the dialup homes do you think are unhappy with their connection speed?.
* Over 10 million households have a need for JUICE in the UK alone.
* Now calculate the business from all the other countries of the world and add up your possible commission.

JUICE gives surfers what they want. It is a perfect product that solves supply and demand. You have something that surfers would use - they just have to find out it’s available. Your job is to go and promote the service any way you know how and send people to this site to EARN a commission when they connect to our service. In fact you will be your own first customer and each of your referrals will join too. YOU can earn a lot of money very easily.

We will pay YOU £27.00 GBP for every surfer that connects to the JUICE service plus a further £1.78 GBP for each surfer your referrals sign up.

Exchange Rates(Approximate)
£27GBP = $48USD, E39 euro, $63CAD, $64AUD, $74NZD click here for other exchange rates.

£1.78GBP = $3.22USD, E2.57euro, $4.17CAD, $4.22AUD, $4.86NZD

You can refer other affiliates into JUICE and earn a £1.78 GBP override from their business activity. There are 10 levels in the downstream and every affiliate gets a JUICY 10 levels below them, meaning if you join us, you can refer unlimited people into the level below you and each of them can, in turn do the same. They can refer others into the level below them and so on and benefit from £1.78 GBP overrides payments from each person in each level.

Therefore, when you refer 10 affiliates into JUICE and they refer another 10 each who further refers 10 affiliates and each of them sign up 100 JUICE customers per month, then the income you could EARN is really phenomenal. Work it out for yourself! Your income would be over £200, 000 GBP a month from your own overrides and personal revenue. £200, 000 GBP