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    Dear Valued Affiliate,

    It is with great pleasure that we announce to you the launch of
    DealMaker Direct and the Affiliate Products & Services programs on the
    Merchant interface.

    The DealMaker Direct program was created to provide a place where
    LinkShare affiliates can offer special promotional opportunities that
    Merchants can leverage through LinkShare. Examples include:

    -Seasonal email newsletter drops to the affiliate's own member base
    -Premier home page site placement for increased traffic
    -On and offline catalog promotions

    To apply for DealMaker Direct, you simply fill out a templated form, and
    send it back to LinkShare. Once LinkShare has approved the promotion,
    it will be posted in a user-friendly area of the merchant interface for
    the duration of one month. This valuable service is currently provided
    to LinkShare affiliates at no charge.

    To view the topline summary of current promotional offers which were
    posted recently, click or go to:
    (Note that the pages to the "Read More" links have been removed to
    protect the privacy of those affiliates who participated.)

    The Affiliate Products & Services program was created to provide you
    with an opportunity to advertise your own products and services that
    would benefit the merchants' LinkShare affiliate program in some way.
    Examples of these would include:

    -Merchant loyalty retention tools
    -Back end system supports
    -Consumer survey tools

    Affiliates would apply by also filling out a templated form and
    submitting it to LinkShare for approval. This valuable program was
    offered free of charge during the month of December. Going forward, the
    fee to participate is $250 per promotion, per month.

    To view a topline summary of the current promotional offers, click or go
    (Note that the pages to the "Read More" links have been removed to
    protect the privacy of those affiliates who participated.)

    Please note that LinkShare reserves the right to select entries that
    best meet the criteria for both programs.

    LinkShare is proud to make these new, valuable, and turnkey programs
    available to its affiliates and merchants! We look forward to working
    with you to grow your business.

    For more information or for the application form, please contact your
    LinkShare representative or


    The LinkShare Team

    I saw this as a great opportunity for ABW and then thought ... that this is an open invitation for all parasiteware! :eek:

    This is getting scarier by the minute!


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    It's really hard to determine what this service is all about from the PR spin text. Something seems real fishy here if it enables the scumware vendors and seudo affiliates like Whenu to automatically tap into a database of merchant coupon/incent offers coded with their affiliate ID#.

    The first network that offers HTML enhanced e-mail specials coded with an Affiliates ID sent out on a weekly -monthly only basis would be a winner. The e-mail list has to be maintained by each affiliate and be restricted to no more than a few thousand. No spamming from a huge database upload ..strickly double opt-in lists like E-groups and Yahoo can help develop list members. I suggested this to BeFree and LS back in the Cashplie discussions and they seemed interested as a add in for selected merchants ( fee to merchant) with high conversions ratios as a buyer club type deal. This seems like an abortion of that suggestion since LS has very few merchnats that sell impulse buy discounted OverStock TigerDirect -Computer Geeks even lowly Cooke Bros. or the clearance center offers at major brand merchants.

    Idea was to get high conversions from a select list of interested buyers managed by participating affiliates. Affiliate would select which merchants/offers to promote to his targeted buyers group to assure good conversions from a posted list. Merchants make up the Individual product flyer coded HTML e-mails and the application just builds the letter already coded with the Aff ID. Very similar to what we all see aa effective followup e-mail from mechants to opt-in visitors or new customers.

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    What good is a Merchant Boycott site if no one sends any traffic to the site.

    I sent out 250k email and most of the visitors came form that.

    So far today only 44 people have seen the site.

    No one is going to click on the banners, you need to do text links and email to everyone you know.

    Get a clue...and get involved.

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