Here's the latest on our infamous law suit against the major adnetworks and their merchants.

The complaint is almost finished. It will be filed in January or early February.

The plantiff is NetBiz Corporation and all of our affiliates and paid to read email members. If you are an affiliate or become one prior to the date of filing, you get to share in any funds we get if we win.

If you have information, data and such to prove our various complaints, you can help insure victory and become a beneficairy by joining and making it available if needed.

We have just set up a new pay per click program at Clixgalore. It pays 3 cents/click.

This offer is no joke. I had a three hour meeting with the legal beagle and the games on - if you want in then get in.

If you don't or think it's a joke, then don't get in.