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    Does anyone have a copy of the blacklist, and if so, was Smithsonian on it?

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    Don't see the edited BLACKBALL list at this time.
    "Guess what? Another mechanism among the affiliate crowd similar to coming from It's a download called the "Moe Money Maker" and it does almost the exact same thing that's download does. Basically, when a vistitor hits any affiliate sites of ebates (which is many sites from CJ, Linkshare, or Be Free) it pops up a window and says that you are earning a % back while shopping at that site (parasite like
    In essence, if a hard-working affiliate sends a user thru a text link or banner to one of their affiliated merchants and that user has the Moe-Money maker installed... ZAP... Commission just went to ebates. Fair? Hardly. Boycott eBates!!!!

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    So do you not know how to start your own thread?

    I asked if anyone had a copy of the blacklist, I know it's not on boards or merchantboycott at this time.

    More people will read what appear to be valid gripes about ebates if you create a relevant thread.

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