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    January 17th, 2005
    45're broke and in need of hits?? Is there any hope??

    Sassy Sarah

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    Your from Malta the home of the precious Maltese dog bred. Simple fact Maltese owners spend more money on shopping then most any other breed. Put up some interesting pages on these dogs with a Maltese dog lover forum even and a free photo gallery. Put affiliate merchant sales links of this and you'll get hits and sales. Damn Parrot owners are cheap skates ...just ask me!

    Charlie ...

    If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..

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    If youre talking about needing free traffic ....

    Try link exchanges and if youre really desperate (and I mean REALLY DESPERATE) try some of those click exchange programs like Click Thru, it will give you traffic but the quality is non existent.

    Webmaster Resources

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    You can:
    - Optimize your site, optimize again, and optimize again.
    - Create lots of pages with the hope of one get picked up.
    - Wait till you get traffic.

    You can join start up pages (such as Starblaze or something like that) and everyday you just refreshing your start page. This way, your traffic depends on how fast you click but then ... it's NOT targetted ... but hey ... you just want traffic, isn't it?



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    5,468 seems to work well for me. There's dozens of other things to try, be creative! Exchange links with other sites, sign a couple of relevant guestbooks ( go to google, for example and do a search on 'TOPIC guestbook' or 'TOPIC links' . Go to all the different search engines and make sure youare in there. I know you do not have money, but Inktomi is a good one to get listed in. $39 for the first one, I believe, and $25 every other page ( ) . You get hits for a year based on that small investment.

    Start up a forum, and link with other forums. I use , athough they were using Gator a while back, so youmight have to find another forum. Regardless, you can visit other forums there or elsewhere, take up residence in a few of them. After posting for a while, you can usually add a link from your post to a site, if it's not a blatant spam.

    I mean, there's just dozens of ways to get seen, just get creative!

    Time Is A Parasite's Friend

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