Don't listen to Webmaster Mike all these years telling the networks to get out of the pure play advertising marketplace. Seems like the gorilla direct marketing industry is getting the backlash they so well deserve. The online world wants to tar and feather all Opt-out and spamming e-mail campaigns and eliminate popups and unders from the advertisers bag of tricks. That especially goes for the BHO popups who soon will feel the legal rath of AOL -Yahoo Google -MSN as the Ads-nausium glut begins to give negative branding results from over exposure.

AOL Says Trying Harder to Fight Spam
Thu February 20, 2003 06:16 PM ET
NEW YORK (Reuters) - America Online on Thursday said it would form a task force and seek tougher legislation against spammers to bolster its efforts to cut the barrage of unsolicited junk mail that clutters inboxes with pitches for everything from mortgages to ways lose weight.
The effort comes as AOL, the Internet arm of AOL Time Warner Inc. AOL.N , struggles to build its high-speed business and keep its dial-up subscribers from leaving while contending with federal probes into its accounting and calls from some investors to spin-off AOL if it does not show a recovery soon.

AOL sent out a letter to its 27 million members in the United States and said it is also working to fix some of the other issues subscribers have brought up since late last year -- including pop-up ads and connectivity problems.

It also plans to unveil new tools to fight spam in the coming months, it said in a statement on Thursday.

Internet users have characterized spam as one of the biggest annoyances of using the Web. AOL and rivals including EarthLink Inc. ELNK.O and Microsoft Corp.'s MSFT.O MSN have been unveiling new tools and products to fend it off -- but it continues to persist.

AOL also said its subscribers would begin to see a "noticeable" decline in pop-up ads this month as it eliminates "a vast majority" of third-party pop-up ads and internal merchandise and product pop-ups -- an effort outlined in October.

However, the company has said it may still use pop-ups to promote some offers from AOL Time Warner and its businesses.

Wow some important people are getting my point. Less than 1% of the worlds population is interested at this moment is buying anything -anywhere from anyone. Take those Ads and shove them as the primary concern or web surfers is gathering information on the net and too much Advertising forces them to alternate site choice. PS; My site caters to that 1% as all EcomCity visitors are shoppers at thta given moment.

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