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    "We are pleased to be working with eZula to let millions of Internet users find what they want, whenever and wherever they need it," said Cinthya Goliopoulos, Director of Business Development at LookSmart"

    The story is here looksmart info on

    Enough said. Are people paying the $299 to submit so ezula can take traffic?
    I found this on another forum. Not certain if it has been discussed here before.


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    Hmmm.. that makes me uncomfortable as a editor of the noncommercial Zeal part of the directory. I'd hate to think I was contributing to scumware in some way.

    Hmm.. the Zeal boards are down at the moment, but I think I feel a probing post coming on.

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    Your right on the money with Looksmart courting Ezula/TopText as their last effort to meet payroll. I read all the post there and had to bite my tongue over some trolls posting messages in favor of or defending the scumm/parasiteware merchants. Just some trolls posing as do gooders and a so called lawyer with feeble attempts as pooring perfume on these pigs. I personally have e-mailed all my web clients I not longer submit for them paid listing to Findwhat and Looksmart. We'll see if pulls them from his auto submit program.

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