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    Ok, I downloaded When u.

    I've been cruising around my site, and others, trying to see what it does.

    Now I had to pay almost $24.00 for this crap. Thank goodness it isn't free, or we'd be huge trouble.

    Now I know is on the black list, those where the links I checked out first. I seen the Whenu side bar come up, giving me coupons, etc.
    I checked my PID at Cj. its the same as as my site, so where does switch go? From my site to theirs.

    Is it only when I click on their "" in their browser?

    So far I'm not seeing "pop up little banners" so far.

    One thing I think is ironic. Please don't flame me for this - because I do hate this thing because of "MY Business- and all of yours" But it's ironic that these merchants of theirs haven't realized, that When u will get comission on every sale they do from that momonet on. Example Overstock One day cookie. Well When u has that beat, all of When u's customers will be giving when u a life time comission. So instead of When u referring traffic, they get all credit.

    Overstock is just plain being silly. See all of the merchants that are blacklisted, should become take them off the affiate program, and there for get free traffic. Afterall when u never does remove their non affiliated listings.

    Then eventually When u would die, because how many people are going to pay $25 per year for more clutter, and slower loading sites.

    So far I think Gator is a bigger threat. Does anyone here have both running? What happens? I'm just curious, who takes control?
    Gator or Whenu?

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    They are both cut from the same hijacker profile and basically fight each other and some others to capture my traffic at the point of sale. Only justice is when they promote a non-converting, or master at diverting sales like Dell, and a slew of others branders. They hate having to rely upon networks and merchant to honestly report their hijacked incent traffic. If they were honorable they'd include a un-install for every single component hidden within their enticing FREEBEE service offering. could care less about the 24.95 monthly fee since most just take the FREE trial and uninstall the main program and their spyware and adwarez trojans are buried in 45 million systems.

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    Perhaps I didn't ask the question clear enough.

    If I was too have both installed on my computer who would take the comission home?

    And my point of the merchants deciding to ban when u, are actually sort of smart. They get free advertising, is what I was pointing out. Whether its wanted or not is a different matter.

    But after going off line, and coming back on line, I noticed the save now pop ups now, where I didn't just after I downloaded the whole thing.

    I did download it, and I even though I cancel out with my credit card, I'm still dinged almost $4.00 for trying it out for 30 days. Not exactly a free trial. Unless you can get a complete trial somewhere else.???

    But I think those who declined to have When u on their affiliate list, would be unhappy on how their site looks. Example Baby Heaven, has a pop up of OVerstock and $20 coupon code. Just one example. I guess this is Whenu's humor showing up. kicked me out, so I'll drive traffic to where I want it.

    And even though I turned off the When u, and not having it on the button by my clock, I'm still getting Save now pop ups. It's a wicked little trojan.

    Now at what point does whenu steal my comission? It seems like its my banner all the way through>>>>>Does it only steal traffic, when I click on one of their "Click here?

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    Ok forget the sidebar ... that is just to make you go to those sites but that doesn't mean that they are affiliated with them, and they usually do show a competitor or other pop up via save now or shop smarter.

    Screenshot from 12/18

    The Save Now poped up on Alexs' site, people would click the pop up which would redirect the user to 1-800 with the WhenU affiliate code so Alex loses all.

    see This Thread for a better idea.

    I don't have gator


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    the person that owned the last link clicked before the sale gets the commish

    if they clicked gators banner last then gator gets it, if it was wenu's link then whenu gets it

    are whenu still using popups to promote any of those those merchants that have dropped them, if so can you rightclick on the popup and check that its the same PID as their "valid" merchants?

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    Originally posted by Canfree:
    Now I had to pay almost $24.00 for this crap.

    When I signed up to check it out, they said that I could cancel within 30 days, which I did. You can cancel your membership, and they won't bill you the $24 (unless they changed in last couple of months).

    The problem is, that when people cancel, they don't realize that the SaveNow program is still installed on their computers, so the popups continue even though they aren't paying the $24 per year. You have to manually uninstall the software to keep WhenU from collecting future commissions, and a lot of surfers are not computer-savvy enough to understand this.


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