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    January 17th, 2005
    A few of you on A Best Web have asked me to post an official stance from on the use of Scumware & the like. I want to assure you all that has never, nor will ever, support the use of such things.

    We have never, and will never, be affiliated with or represented by WhenU, TopText, Gator, or any of the other sites/progs that have been mentioned within this forum.

    Since we were first made aware of these issues, we have made this position clear, and stand by it. I know that with the help of you all here, GoCollect's Affiliate Network can remain Scum-free. Those of you that actively post alerts here are making this effort against Scumware & the like strong... and GoCollect is here with you, against it.

    Thanks for taking a moment to read this... I felt that it was important to make this statement.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Thanks for posting this Lou -- it does make a difference.

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    Thanks for posting this Lou -- it does make a difference.

    It absolutely does! WTG


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    Admirable stance and one that should encourage new affiliates to join your program. I see other merchants like whose conversion rates drop since they climbed in bed with these diversion wanks. Guess they feel it's better to write 5 scumware checks rather than 5000 to their other affiliates.

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