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    Does having some kind of promotional event on your site compare in any way to PPC for building effective traffic? For example, having a drawing for a decent prize for people that sign up for your newsletter. I see this sort of thing all the time on content sites, but rarely on affiliate sites. Of course, similar content sites will often link to a content site with a promotion, which could generate some valuable backward links. You really don't see that happening with affiliate sites.

    Imagine giving away a $250 item vs. spending $250 on PPC. $250 PPC should buy you a lot of clicks, so I can't see the promotion thing paying off too well.

    Any thoughts?

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    Our service has tested the promotional marketing prize giveaways to sign up/opt-in mail groups in the past.

    We found that most people that came to the opt-in mail contest were only interested in signing up for the prize contest and soon after the prize contest ended and a winner was declared we had an influx of opt-outs by many of the sign ups during the contest registration period. Since our findings we no longer use prize giveaways to opt-in mail members.

    Our suggestion would be that your money would be better spent on alternative marketing methods versus giving away valuable prizes for better return on your investment.

    Hope this helps you a little.

    Ray Thomas CEO
    Development Resource & Javascript Public Archive Center

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    The quality of that traffic is often not great- as Ray pointed out.

    However, but offering a decent prize and making them work for it a bit- you can often attract people who are more along the lines of your potential customers. This works much better if you are in a niche.

    Skip the sweeps and go contest- Submit your best... Travel story, pet photo, romantic story, recipe, tech nightmare, bargain found...

    WIth the right contest- you'll attract the people who won't want to opt out after you award and you might also get some new content worth having as well.

    Jessica Hutson
    Manager of Affiliate Relations/Development
    Interactive Affiliate Network

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