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    What do you think about running a affiliate program that pays based on revenue sharing offline and people get paid based on offline word of mouth, with a referral code attached. Just curious if that would work? what do others think?

    Santa Cruz

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    Isn't that really just MLM ... "Avon Calling"

    Or were you thinking "Hey go to ZZZZZ and buy a Widget, mention XZ4354 when you buy please..." ?



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    I live in "Happy Valley" Utah, where 85% of the population is LDS / Mormon.

    I have been seriously thinking about setting up a domain that referrs user to the affiliate program, then paying some kid $50 to plaster every car in town for with a flyer. I dont know if its legal, buy my guess is that i can get a few dozen signups, and pocket a few hundred dollars...

    Now if would just of recurring commissions!

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