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    Forwarded to me from a friend:


    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.

    Our partners are 100% above-board- we only work with 'adware' partners, not scumware (ie companies that deceptively find their way onto desktops and make it difficult to remove from the system). Our partners are members of the IAB (WhenU and EZula), fully disclose what they do, the type of data they collect (none at this point) and what is done with that data. In terms of privacy, they comply with notice, choice, and origination of ad units.

    Users know at all times that they are using an ad-supported system and have given explicit permission to receive targeted advertising. They also have the ability to easily remove the system from their computers at any time.

    What we do should not be confused with what others are doing to lay waste to the integrity of the web. There are a lot of underhanded players, but we are working with privacy groups as well as industry organizations to help clean this segment up.

    As promised, here is the recap of our discussion as well as some additional information you might find helpful as well.

    Currently, *************** Networks represents a majority of the top "Contextual Marketing" platforms available on the internet.

    This technology allows us to serve a variety or different creative sizes and formats targeted using the following criteria:
      1 . URL recognition - Your ads may be served when users are viewing specific related content.
      2. Search term recognition - Your ads may be served when users are looking up terms related to your product and services.
      3. Content recognition - Your ads are shown when users are looking at contextually relevant web pages.[/list]

      This technology allows us to serve the pop ups ANYWHERE our user are while on the Web. This includes any sites contextually. Pricing is usually based on a CPC system. Therefore, you will only be paying for qualified clicks to your website.

      For the first time, we can incorporate specific sites & keywords into one buy.

      This is a guaranteed winner! The clients that are using this are seeing outstanding results.
      I have attached some more information about Whenu and Ezula for you to take a look at.
      Please take a look at it and let me know your thoughts.

    Also see the marketing material they enclosed :eek:




    When will these *boofs* ever learn?

    Haiko :rolleyes:[Formating]

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    Send them all a copy of the Koran and a complimentary suicide bomb belt and tell them to jump into this group of ABW members. They are living up to their charter to destroy all of us anyhow ..why not let them get some headlines too.

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