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    I find a lot of good information about the dirty deeds of these parasite programs by looking through the postings at: and
    If more people were aware of what it takes to GET or GET RID OF of these programs they'd really jump on the bandwagon to bury these dead bodies.

    To alert your web site visitors that they are "infected" and which troja horse Adwarez viruses they have see this page which has a FREE script to add to any or all your web pages as a popup alert file. this should reach all those who come to your site with a parasite BHO attached to their system.

    Another disturbing thing uncovered at some of the boards devoted to cleaning your machines of the trojan horse backdoor viruses is that ZoneAlarm and other firewalls are sounding alarms over security issues with VALUECLICK ( BeFree's new ownership) cookies. Adware ver 5.8 seems to eliminate this persistent VC cookie and related files. Is BeFree/ValueClick jumping on the darkside bandwagon with their own variation of Scumware in the beta test mode??

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    Mike has done us all a favor...and here's what you should be doing with it.

    Evrythime you find a post detailing 'parasite ware' and what it does you need to copy it and store it -then print it out.

    If you go to samll claims court you can use it as back up evidence - rules of evidence are reasonably lenient in Small Claims.

    If you pop a dozen or so pages of documented data in the judges hand that supports your case, and the other guys just blab about how it ain't true - chances are you win.

    Small claim judgements are the 'judgments from hell' for corporate types as they can mess up all sorts of stuff - like credit lines, buying and selling real estate, and they cost big bucks to deal with.

    All you have to pay is for your time to go to court a few bucks for filing the claim and a couple of hours researching the law at your local library or online - so you show you are a knowledgable business person protecting your rights.

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