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    January 18th, 2005
    I haven't been able to find a clear answer to this question:

    When a visitor to my site, using a computer with one of the parasite programs on it, clicks on one of my affiliate links to a participating merchant that allows this interception, does it still show as a click for tracking purposes on, for instance?

    If so, this really disrupts CJ's EPC figures for their publishers, as actual sales in many cases aren't showing.

    Sorry if this has been answered, but I looked and couldn't find anything.


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    I'd never thought of that. Damn good question.

    But if it overwrites the affiliate code for the sale, it should overwrite it for the click too. And the impression, I think.

    That would make a Mo-pee-on-us visitors invisible to CJ, yet visible in your logs.

    So what site would the sales register at CJ as coming from? Our site, but not our code? The 'invalid links generating sales' thing would catch that. I think, but show as an invalid click on a joined merchant. Which would explain a thing or two.


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    Andy would have to get a real reading on this issue from BeFree staff since they record Clicks/impressions and sales tags different from CJ through the bFast interface. Merchants like TigerDirect, who take steps to be parasite free, may soon be targeted if certain small affiliates cloak their involvement/recruitment with the likes of ShopNow, Ezula or Morphous who mini-app their sites. That is the real threat. Morphous etc etc get regular affiliates to participate by sharing commissions.

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