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    Just wondering...

    Do you not consider StopPops as a form of parasiteware? I understand that it does not affect links on ones site (hijacking) but it does take away one ability for site owners to make some money ( i realize that there are many other ways)...

    With CPM rates so low now days, popups, popunders, and exit pops are the only way to make any profit at all on SOME sites. Particularily, high traffic sites that only offer free content.

    Also, what if they develop a product to remove any affiliate banner or links from a site? (there probably already is one). I guess this is different for the fact that it would be changing links on your site, but what if it just removed them?

    Anyway, I am not a big fan of popups myself, but one popup or popunder does not bother me as I realize they are just trying to make money like the rest of us. More than two pops and I usually don't return.

    I actually have a different (free) pop up stopper myself and occasional turn it on if it is a site I really like, but it has tons of popups.

    Just looking for some opinions (as I see they are advertised here)??

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    I think any advertising medium that has been exploited is a scourge.

    While some may make pennies on popups I think it is a determent more than an asset to any/all sites ... Just my


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    Yea, I agree it is usually a determent.

    But just think if you put 1 popunder site on your forum (shown once per 24 hours). It could really help pay for your server costs. I think one pays 1.50 CPM so you could easily make $50+ dollars a month from this (not a whole lot, but still ads up). It probably is not a good idea for forums, but IMO one popunder per 24 hours should not bother most visitors to much.

    I don't know...Just a thought :rolleyes:

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