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    I'm faced by some sort of dillemmas lately. Traffics and clicks are somwehat higher than last month, yet sales are dropping significantly, especially this week.

    Should I just place an ad word on search engines, update existing pages or add more categories/merchants ?

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    I think if you review posts in here the past couple weeks have seen sales slow down for many due to a number of factors including that you know what thing going on. I just plan to ride it out, make a few new pages and divert attention to other things until sales start heading back up.


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    With the uncertainty of the world events and stock markets, etc. you are not alone in seeing lower sale conversions.

    Targeting ad words may help you a little .. but I would not be expecting miracles from it. People are just tight with their money right now and with very good reason. Some affiliate sites are directly effected by this factor depending on what the merchandise is.

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