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    What are the best ways to combat parasiteware?

    On a personal system - ensuring 100% it is clean of this crap?
    I've been using ad-aware regularly to be sure. I keep it up to date with their Refupdate program. Should I be doing something else?

    Educating the public - I feel that a lot (most) of the general web surfing public don't understand this at all. I talk to people who work in IT and they are aware of parasiteware, kind of - they know there is something causing all the extra pop-ups, but, don't quite know or care what. I recently talked two ex-co-workers through install of adaware and cleansing of their systems (many many components found [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] )
    How can we as a community better educate the public? Google bomb pointing to adaware site?

    Detectors on our sites? How do you handle this? Is it wise to deny access?

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    Best way is to educate your shoppers that they might be infected with Adwarez/spyware if their system slows to a crawl and Ads popup when visiting web sites. Point them to the discussion groups or the Adaware site. The other thing is to setup a page for news article links like the Gator law suit, anit-spamm sites and our ABW forum.

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