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    Just received this e-mail....does anyone know this company or what it is about? A few of their comments made me uncomfortable, so I thought I would post the letter here, and see what you thought about it.....

    My name is Daniel Todd, and I am the Senior Vice President at 180Solutions, Inc. I noticed that you advertise your site on the xxxxxxx search engine under the keyword xxxxxxxx, and are currently paying $x.xx per visitor.

    We have over 10,000,000 users that have our n-CASE Comparison Shopping Software on their computers and we continue to grow by over 1 million users every month. Our n-CASE software is a Comparison Alternative Shopping Engine, which users install so that they can receive shopping assistance and targeted advertising messages based on what and where they are surfing online

    Here are a few examples of campaigns we are currently running:

    1.) When any of our users are online and type in "sales rep", "secretary" or "data entry" for example, we deliver our user to the advertisers web site with job offers directly related to the job they just typed in.

    2.) When any of our users type in "running shoes", "Nike shoes", "Adidas" we deliver that user directly to the appropriate product page for our advertiser showing what they have in stock related to the users search. By delivering our advertisers web page directly to our user, it simply becomes an extension of their online search and since we aren't trying to have the user click on an advertisement, many simply proceed with their product search within our advertisers website and related products.

    As an online advertiser, the key to your success is to get people to your website that are interested in buying your product. 180Solutions n-CASE targeting can deliver you visitors that are online looking and shopping for xxxxxxx products. We have just released a completely self-service Visitor Management System (VMS) on our site, where you can start an n-CASE Targeted Visitor campaign for as little as $50 and load your own targets, destination pages, etc. However, if you are an advertiser that spends $3,000+ per month online we will load and manage your campaign for you at no additional cost.

    Please visit this link to sign up or learn more about n-CASE and our Targeted Visitor technology. Or contact me directly via the information below if you would like my help in managing a larger campaign or if you need answers to specific questions about our company.


    Daniel Todd
    Senior Vice-President

    I guess what I was concerned with is the comment....over 10,000,000 installed and growing at 1,000,000 a month. That just seems to be an unusually large amount of growth. Who are these guys? Are they legit? How does the software get installed? I sent them a few general questions, but I thought I would ask y'all here if you had had any dealings with them.

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    This is a copy of my email and their reply........
    From: Elbow Creek
    Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 12:30 PM
    To: Daniel Todd
    Subject: Re: n-CASE Targets Online xxxxxxx Shoppers

    Gosh, this sure sounds a lot like Gator, Whenu, Morpheus, and programs of that ilk. Can you specify, exactly, how you differ from them?
    Their reply:

    The primary difference to our consumers are:

    #1.) We are 100% privacy focused and do not collect or attempt to collect personally identifiable information about our consumers. This includes email address, first and last name, etc.

    #2.) All users must opt-in to install n-CASE. When have a Yes/No question so all users must choose if they want to install our comparison shopping engine.

    #3.) We have a very simple uninstall process in the add -remove programs folder that will turn off n-CASE Targeted Visitor delivery.

    The primary difference to our advertisers are:

    #1.) All users have actually opt-ed in to received n-CASE comparison shopping options.

    #2.) We attempt to customize the delivery of the our advertisers website to the matched keyword. We do not deliver the typical pop-up that a consumer must first click on and then arrive at a main site page and research on what they are looking for.

    #3.) We do not attempt to manipulate or disrupt the initial browser session that our user was surfing so the webpage they are visiting always appears as it normally would.

    Beyond that we are similar to these applications in that we are a client side software product that attempts to present users with advertiser. We do believe that through a combination of our service and targeted technology that we provide a best experience for advertisers and we work very hard to make each campaign a success for each advertiser.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions about 180Solutions or our n-CASE Targeted Visitor application.


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    Sounds like every other parasiteware program (especially after reading their response) - I'd have done a spam complaint and forgotten about them.

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    Have this parasite BHO list the merchants that use his forced shopping service. Boycott that list. His claims for having 10 million users is bunk. These startups, who bought a script and use offshore server redirects, couldn't get 5000 users to their sites in a months period of time.

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