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    I somehow acquired a program called x-finder or Sex Finder that is in German. It is put out by Liquid Inc. It tries to dial up a number I am sure to charge me a big fee. My problem is, I can't find it to uninstall it. It is not listed in my programs. Any help on getting rid of this pain would greately be appreciated

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    I think this would be better in the Windows Tips and Tricks section - yes, it's a parasite but that's not the kind they talk about here.

    Anyway, are you familiar with searching the registry? My guess is an entry was made there to run their dialer program - when the dialer tries to run, does it show it's name? Search your drive for that thing too.

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    Try for their free Adaware program to detect and remove these Ad viruses and backdoor trojan horses. The dialer.exe program for porn is often a driveby install and it will try and charge you 3.00 per minute for connection to the net. See for some expert advice if Adaware can't cure it.

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    You were right, it was in the WINDOWS/Dialer folder. I deleted and hope it is gone. I have adaware, but it didn't detect it. Thanks guys, Jack

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