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    Anybody heard of these guys? I doesn't sound like a bad idea from a merchant perspective. Unless I'm missing something here.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>We have several divisions at eUniverse (NASDAQ: EUNI) and initiatives that I am working on. But, let's start with UltraConversions which is the primary reason why I contacted your company.

    UltraConversions partners with e-commerce sites to increase their revenue and promote customer loyalty. We do so by positioning a free Thank You gift on the post transaction confirmation page and pay your company for it. We also issue your customer $10 OFF their next purchase at your site. We facilitate and fund the $10 certificate.

    You can expect to increase revenue by $1-$1.50 per transaction and there is no cost to your company.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Are they evil? Please expose the catch here if you're aware of one.


    Frank Affiliate Program

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    If their only activity to set their affiliate cookie comes AFTER the sale is completed via the thank you page then it is OK. Sneaky part is their "incent" coupon deal might migrate to being display DURING the checkout process with a quick fix.

    All sales credits getting reported to the networks happen from that same Thank You page, so some conflict with the ability of their program's HTML script to read the original affiliate referral code and swap ID#'s is open to abuse. We already can see they are willing to pay to get their cookie overwriting the original referrer's via the incent deal knowing buyers have higher conversion ratios than browsers.

    Please post their code thta has to placed on the Thank You page to see if it's Kosher.

    Charlie ...

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