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    I initially posted this as part of the BeFree / parasiteware contract change thread in the BeFree forum, but realized it was probably OT there and was more appropriate here. I know there are a few different spyware detection programs out there, but it appears that refrence to AdAware has scrolled off the first page on this sub-board. This is probably just a re-hash for the old-timers, but for anyone just arriving...

    (Originally posted in the Be Free forum)

    Although I am loath to give up any real-estate on my pages, perhaps one of the best approaches to scum-ware will be to fight back directly.

    A text link or two prominant on your welcome or news pages, with teaser information about "spyware" and a link to Lavasoft's free removal tool might be a way to reclaim at least a small amount of our visitors' purchasing activity. Granted, only a small percentage of our users will follow the link and install the software (depends on how well you pique their interest with your copy), but 30% of $1000 in lost sales is $300.

    Key links:
    Lavasofts' FAQ page:
    PC Magazine's short write up about spyware and their best product of the year award:,pg,4,00.asp

    I'm not affiliated with Lavasoft in any way, I just see it as a useful way to fight back.


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    Great suggestion and also put in a link to in the same section to further scare them into action.

    WebMaster Mike

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    I always wonder about that page. Theres this long list of scumware and its 'sponsored by TigerDirect'. Which sounds a bit unfortunate. Maybe some new wording is in order?


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