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    Has anyone seen the quick checkout being offered by Aol, Compuserve and Netscape?

    Look at:

    My Spiegel UltimateOutlet conversion was always in the toilet but now it's gown down to rediculus levels .12 percent this month on a large number of click thrus. I started going thru the order process and noticed several things -

    1) A phone number at the bottom of the page
    2) The Quick Checkout Icon which is what the above link I gave takes you too.

    I am a reletive newbee and don't have the skills needed to determine if they go thru the quick check out if commisions are stolen but.......... My conversion rates indicate something is very wrong here.

    If somebody wants to check into this or provide insight I'd appreciate it.

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    AOL and their other properties are suffering from Federal & SEC regulators pooring over their cooked books. Ad revenue is falling and Gator started with the innocent "form filling" application like quick checkout. You can bet AOL get a fee from any participating merchant. Innocent for now but AOL is desperate for money and is deploying any and all forms of sucking bucks from their users. This includes spamming them with partner offers while eliminating delivery of outsider Ad infected e-mail. They always wanted to cement in their 27 million users to rake in the watch them closely as any affiliate enabled merchants there have slotting fees -co branded sites and they seek to place their affiliate cookie on all outside search links as a normal affiliate.

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    Actually the Quick Checkout thing has been running for about 3 years. In my opinion it is popping up on our radars due to the fact that AOL is using Google for its search listings. Does Quick Checkout hijack our commissions? I don't know.


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    Hi! I just posted this ona similar thread. To add to below..we have been an AOL Shop@merchant since 1998. They launched AOLQC I believe in 1999. Before we had an affiliate program. We do not pay them any extra to send orders through the wallet..other than our advertising fees. They just require us to have their wallet as an option. It does not hijack is my post:

    hi all! I am the affiliate manager for A.K.A Gourmet. I just joined this site because I was warned about parasiteware...something new to me. Anway..I came across this thread. The AOL frame that pops up in Shop@AOL is there for merchants who are in Shop@Aol. We pay to advertise in the shopping departments. I too was curious about this..we don't have AOL as an affiliate..unless they go by another name..but I tested this out on AOL..I pulled up one of my top affiliates..went to our links and linked to our site..The AOL frame came up as usual. I placed the order and immediately checked the linkshare bin on my site and the order was correctly attributed to that affiliate.
    I then went it to the same affiliate and placed the order through Quickcheckout and the affiliate was again properly attributed.

    The wallet is there to just store address and credit card..but the shopper is still on our site and all necessary tracking codes are still in tact.

    I hope that helps!

    A.K.A. Gourmet

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