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    For example, Orbitz terminated Morpheus today, but Orbitz is still in Morpheus' scumware. If the URL is overwritten, then it will take the customer to a Linkshare termination screen. So then the customer assumes the affiliate whose link he has clicked on has been terminated which is wrong. So that's one issue.

    My question is, though, since Morpheus attempted to override the affiliate's cookie, will no one get the commission in this case?

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    I can't tell you what happens with other systems but at Amazon no one gets a referal fee. So it is in the best interests of an e-merchants to ax these scum. Helps the bottom line.

    Amazon deleted both Morphine, WhenUSteal and slapped Ebates up side the head in last few weeks. Looks like it will be a Merry Christmas at Amazon this year.

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    So, when merchants boot the scumware, the scumware manages to effectively block users from the merchants. Sounds like you can add the word extortion along with theft to the Morpheus game plan.

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    Oddly enough, this is the one act that I believe opens them up to legal issues. Since before, they could argue they were doing their subversion for the benefit of their visitors, in this case - it benefits no one but interferes with another companies right to do business. Under the new federal laws - this is illegal. And this is not some pie in the sky illegal. This is a clearly defined illegal.

    They have created a computer program that interferes with others right to do business. This is similar to a denial of service or similar tactics to bring down a commerce site.

    Has anyone tracked the days these lost commissions have come up?

    6)knowingly and with intent to defraud traffics (as defined in section 1029) in any password or similar information through which a computer may be accessed without authorization, if -
    such trafficking affects interstate or foreign commerce;

    Looking through all of this, Kirk likes to say - oh we caught this or that, only x number of people were effected. Who cares? One person is still illegal. If we can find one person who was affected by this crap before they had the proper warnings - we have a case. They broke the law. Just like when you rob houses, you don't have to rob 100 houses before you can be convicted of robbery, you just need to rob one house.

    I won't be talking to my lawyer friend until this Sunday when the Browns kill the Ravens, but any other legal minds on here want to go over that. Because I think that has been ignored, we don't all have to have been the victim - just one person.


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    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't an affiliate relationship identified by by account numbers? Why can't the affiliate networks do something like this:

    1. define, and publish, their definition of what are, and are not, acceptable practices.

    2. privately notify violators they have x amount of time to clean up their act. Then de-activate the existing account number, and assign a new number to the ones that certify they are now clean (according to the network's definition).

    3. If a scumbag gets caught a second time, ban them forever.

    By doing this, the networks can preserve the legitimate scumbag income while restoring some sort of ethical balance.

    If an innocent affiliate member continues to feel wronged, he/she can continue to object in forums like this one, but ultimately would have to either put up with it or drop a merchant and/or the network. This might sound callous, but who can afford to work for pennies an hour?

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    In the recent past, when a merchant has dropped Morpheus it may take them a couple of days to remove all their links and delete the merchant from their shopping utility. During this timeframe, any traffic that is diverted and goes through their reward program would yield no commission for either party. However on the handful of merchants that drop them that I have gone back on followed up with, after a few days they were removed from the buyersport site and their shopping utility remained dorminent as it should when the dropped merchant was reached through another affiliate link. The affiliate tracking at that point remained intact.

    IOW, it takes a couple of days once a merchant drops them, but buyersport does eventually completely delete the merchant from their systems.

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