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    Would anyone like to post a cogent summary of the 'Suspicous Activity' that's been affecting affiliates for the last 10 months?

    For instance:

    How can your commissions be stolen? Is it purely link hijacking due to the user? Is the URL stolen in the user's browser or does it happen when they click on the link? Is anything more sinister at play and are there other ways affiliates can be robbed of their potential commissions?

    Who are the main culprits? What are the best websites exposing them? Who are the main advertisers working with them? Is there a URL with a list of them with affiliations attached (i.e. LS, CJ, BF) indicated? Is there a URL with honest, straight-up advertisers with affiliations attached?

    What can affiliates do to thwart URL theft, etc.? Free javascripts to alert users? Free software to clean up users' computers?

    Is the problem getting worse or better? Will it just go away? If sales are being stolen, should affiliates start lobbying advertisers for payment of clicks or even impressions?

    There have been many posts scattered across numerous threads - it would be nice to have a factual summary of the current state of affairs in one place.



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    Welcome MLK from Canuke land. There is a wealth of information posted throughout ABW forums on all of your requests. You can start with the "announcement section where I posted a great article with all type of links to online news on the parasite issues. The Helpful affiliate managers posting here will show you the ropes and all of us coontribute our tips on getting higher conversion rations. Heck we even burn merchants for diversion tactics and non-reporting of sales.

    Take some time to read all the sections and you will have save 2 months of trial and error effort.

    WebMaster Mike

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